it’s been three days since I finally got a calling from the St. Carolus Hospital; that I get the approval for being apprentice for the next three months. Thank you Lord for your love to me.

I woke up in this morning; my mom even cannot wake us with horrible yelling that could makes us on a bad mood for the whole days.

I made this call, and thanks again, the secretary not using her high voices as usual.

She finally called me at nine and half thirty this morning; while I (still) get confused with the installation of my new modem.

But the most beautiful things that I’ve been grateful at was; my bonding time with my best friend, who also my lovely sister. It’s hard for us to spending more time together since we’ve been in college (she’s the fresh college girl, tough), exactly; but I am so happy that we could spent our rest time in bed, laughing together, and sharing our story. It’s great to have her made her progress in college, tough. Maybe she even finished her first year yet, but, I found her more able to talk deeply, and she could give me more advices when I made a trouble in life. I love you, Mel!

Thank you Lord for that. Life could ever possibly better than now. I’ve been thankful for everything that makes me rising up.

“Wake up, sweet darling! If  you said that you thinking about your problem, but you just whining and keep whining; honestly, you just collect that ‘garbage’ on your mind; you couldn’t even survive to breath with a fresh air!

Made a priority to do, and finish it one by one!

You can do it!

hari dimana aku mulai memutuskan untuk siap menghadapi tantangan di depan,

dan berhenti untuk ragu-ragu.

16 Januari 2010