we’re everybody already, and we’re loved :)

Okey, kids, who do you want it to be when you are grown up one day?

every kid,  have been taught and drifted to be someone, to become a person who got a good degree, job, and good name on our society. To be the best on everything; and it’s weighted.

in fact, some people have it on a good ways, some people failed most.

on my own thoughts, I think every person have to realized that we are everybody already, and all we have to do is to fight to be self-best, not for the best everyday. it’a a simple thought, but i consider it hard since i realize that i’m not living on my own life, but steered on what-the ordinary people do-what the ordinary girl have it. it’s sounds ordinary too, right.

You know, the statement ‘everybody is  it doesn’t mean that we could do anything on ourself–we need love, and we still need friends, family and other colleagues, bevause we’re  a human. in this pieces of my thought, i just want to let myself know first, that i can do all the things with the good Spirit on my heart, if you know that God always love us and He have a great bright future for us, not a disaster (Jeremiah 29:11).

i mean,do not be a reactive. being ourself-best by driven ourself to His way.

Draw near  to Him, and He will draw near to you (James 4:8).

it’s not a simple way, but if you put your trust fully, He will lead you exactly.

i just want to fight…

to become my own judge in my court room of life, for now i have to judge what i should to do effectively and not wasting my precious time from Him; making decision on the best time–and hope everything was based on His way, on His rules. now i have to work focusly with a priority; and not just perceivingly doing some random things; and regreted all in the end of the days.

to become my own medical doctor so i have to choose a healthy meals everyday–not just fall easily to get the junk into my stomach. I want to running on the tracks few times a week; and nothing can beat me up from that.

to become my own admired natural actress that will perform on my own stage of life, contribute  more with the other actor and actresses: makin such a beautiful movies to give Him a pleasure. it is not just a dream, cause i got to make it happen.

that’s why i’m my own producer and director for this movie of my life, not just reactively pushed by others.

i am my own cheerleader, for now i know that i have to be so easily running to Him Who always be my rock and my fortress, when i feel sad and no hope for the next step.  (Psalm 31:3)

i am my own police, for now i have to become so strictly placing myself to the rule that He said.

it doesn’t have to be thinking like i  am everybody so strictly, because we’re all just ordinary people; and no one cannot rely just on his/herself. i’m talking about the illustration, for now we’re all an artist too; who could make yours, mine, all of our life so colourfull because of our presence.

but we have our own freedom, and we are the children of God, who also have a responsibility to be a model to the others. Not really  a catwalk model; but a model that makes everyone becoming so grateful to God, because we bring His love, peace, and hope to the others that are needed.

is it too idealistic?

but we’re an artist,

we’re every best with our God’s love could do.

do you believe in Him?

If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you. Luke 17:6.

that’s my believe, for now i’m still fighting to be more proactive and give all of my life to Him.

I love You, My Lord Jesus 🙂