For My Birthday :)

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday.

oh, Dear God, i know You always give me all of my needs.

but if i could make my wishes to You, this is what i want it most. let me put this to Your hands.

Please let me be thankful with all You gave it to me.  this is all that i have. i always being blessed by Your love and merciness. and Your love is real for everyone who give their trust in You.

Give me a strength to finished this final year. i know i’ve made my  mistakes, doubt. So i couldn’t give a room for me have my trust in You; The One who always give me a strength to carry on.

I trust in You, and   i want to graduate this year. help me to make it with You 🙂

Dear God, help me to give all of my life to You. i have a freedom to choose everything in this life; and i know i give my options freely to choosing Your way. give me a strength, to facing everyday and stay on Your Path, even if the burden come, i just want to know that i could stay to walk with You. i do have a dream, and i know You know the best.

Dear God, i know, deep in my heart, You told me, that i’ve been blessed to have this family, my lovely family. i believe it fully. and i believe that i am one of the blessings to this family. this is not about me, it is all from You. give us a strength to serving one anothers, as You give us Yourself, that is Love, to all of the family that put aside all of their ego.  let Your love burned us:)

Dear God, let me pray for all of my bestfriends, my big family, all of the people who always give me help to get to know Your ways. i’ve being blessed by all of the meetings, all of the friendship, kinship, and i believe that there are no accidents on my life.  and i believe Your plans to giving us hope and a future.

let me be one of Your pencils, like Mother Theresa always said. i couldn’t do something without You, dear Lord, and i will  share my life to the others, with all i have, that also from You.

Let me pray for the unity and love in the world. give us strength to faces the challenges in togetherness. it may started from our family. shower us with Your Spirit so we could understand the situation, seeking You in all of my problem, and being the Light in togetherness.





most of all, dear Lord, i wanted to walk my life with You. let me always be with You.

I love You, Lord .

November 11, 2010.


*) those beautiful illustration are taken from the Google Images.